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Re: [IP] velosulin

I was lucky, my local CVS carries V constantly and alot of people (obviously
they have a different endo than me) use it lin thsi area, according to my

I had my set go bad while on the road during a 5 hr drive. I had 239 units
in my pump when it happened so I just topped the vial off with V (created a
4:1 ratio) and put a new rapid in. That site has lasted 3 days now, no
painful boluses, no soreness other than when I lie on my site a certain way,
and sugars have been ideal except for a period in the afternoons when I
hover in the 50's every day. I needed to lower my basals a little to aviod
hypos. but it's working better than straight H already!. I had my doubts but
it's apparently working and this is my first sets that's lasted 24 hours in
three weeks. So I plan to try that mix again for the next set (whenever this
one goes bad and not before) to rule out the possiblity that I just hit a
sweet spot on my body.


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