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[IP] travel to US

I will be travelling to the US (to the Washington DC area) on a 2 and a
half week work-related trip in 3 weeks time, and am trying to plan
ahead to ensure I have all the diabetes related supplies, and any other
info I should know.  I lived in the US for 8 years, but in my
pre-diabetes days, so apart from what I see on the list, know nothing
about diabetes care, availability of supplies etc in the US.  Obviously
I hope to travel with anything I might conceivably need plus more, but
who knows what can happen.

In the event that I need to get hold of supplies for the Disetronic
pump, who do I call?  In the event that I need supplies for the
glucometer, (Accutrend Sensor) who do I call?  where do I find such
useful telephone numbers?  also I remember hearing that in the US it is
sometimes possible to get free glucometers from the manufacturers - I
really need to have a spare, do you think there is any way I could get
one during my stay?

Anything else I ought to be aware of? 
Thanks very much for any advice.

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