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Re: [IP] New complications?

I see a speech therapist for a similiar thing. My therapist taught me how
to eat foods so I wouldn't choke. Mine was also discovered through a
swallow study. I choke. So I have to be very careful. My voice is also gone
so I use sign language with my hubby (which I am still learning) and I have
an artificial larynx. My problem may not be all from diabetes because I
have 2 neurological diseases.
I have a certain type of cup I have to use. A certain spoon and I cannot
use a straw and when eating I have to alternate between high and cold as I
eat my mush.

Wish I could be of more help :(

email @ redacted

At 06:43 PM 06/18/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I have now learned that I have a new one, that is
>related.  It is rare but definitely a complication.  I
>have mild pharyngeal aphasia(sp?).  It turns out that the
>cough I've had (14 years) is caused by liquids being
>pooled when I swallow, and eventually goes down the wrong
>tube, which causes roughness in my esophagus and hence a
>cough that does not go away.  My doctors have now
>determined that it is a neuropathic/neurological problem
>and they know of no real way to treat it, although I will
>be going back to the speech therapist that performed the
>barium drip, for exercises to help with my swallow.
>Has anyone had this affliction, or similar ones.  Is there
>any type of treatment that might be effective?  Because I
>am particularly effected by these types of complications,
>how many others of these problems are there to look
>forward to?

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