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[IP] Peritoneal shunt

I recently spoke with my doctor (former president of local
ADA chapter) about the availability of the peritoneal
shunt, from disetronic.  It turns out that he was involved
with a friend of his on studies for this 10 to 15 years
ago.  His friend had the study and he had the patients.
They had major problems with occlusion and abandoned it,
with difficulty.

He contacted the D research people, and could not find out
any of the mechanics of the delivery system or where they
were with there current tests.  He seems to think that it
will be very far off, if at all.  I dearly hope that he is

Is there any kind of schedule for when the shunt will be
available?  I could not find any at the site.  Is there
any date for the mm implant, even though it would not be
as helpful for my problems (delayed response, site

My doctor also said that he had more expectations for the
fetal implant studies that are being conducted, rather
than the current Canadian tests.  Whether a candidate
would restrict, or support, fetal research is high on my
requirements for a vote, as I would hope any dm'er would
agree with, although many probably will not.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Being able to put two rounds into the same hole from 25
meters! That's gun control.
 - Jesse Ventura, during a pre-election radio interview on
the crime issue

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