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[IP] Primary Care Physicians

    Responding to:
> The hMOs require most of us to have PCP's, but in my experience they don't
know a whole lot (hopefully some do!).
> I still rely on my endocrinologist for most things, but the PCP is the
insurance "gatekeeper."

       In my case, it is not a matter of insurance. I do not have HMO. Under
my policy with Blue Cross/Blue Shield - which charges
top premium - I do not need to be referred to any doctor.
       It is difficult to understand how diabetologists can adequately treat
without conducting complete physicals and being the first ones in charge of
the diabetic's general health. After all, once the DM is under control, the
biggest concern is prevention of complications. General or primary care
practitioners have no specialized training to recognize the onset of many DM
complications. As you say, they do not know "a whole lot" about DM.
  This new compartmentalization seems inefficient, wasteful and dangerous to
me. Justine

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