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[IP] Cooking Rice was Re: basmati rice

Hey Michael ~

Did you serve in the Peace Corp stationed in Malaysia?

My brother gave me the exact cooking instructions for
rice that you posted to the IP list....he said he
learned how to cook rice from an ancient Malaysian
grandmother while he was living in Kuala Lumpur during
his Peace Corps tour of duty (1969-1972).

Well...his instructions were worded slightly
different....instead of volcanoes, we call em "frog
eyes."  No matter whatcha call 'em, it is the perfect
method for rice....never fails!

~ Janet Marie

p.s. I buy those cute little burlap sacks of basmati
rice at Sam's Club...we love it...has a nice nutty
flavor, sort of like the scent of the burlap sack it
comes in.

> Rice preparation the easy way.
> 1) put any amount of rice in a pan.
>    note: some bulk rice must be rinsed first because
> it is packed with talc
> 2) cover with water to the depth of the rice.
>    that is... there must be as much water on top of
> the rice
>    as the rice is deep -- i.e. the water + rice = 2
> x the rice alone
> 3) bring to a boil and boil until the rice meets the
> surface 
>    "little volcanoes" begin to form.
> 4) turn off heat, cover and wait 10 - 20 minutes
> depending on the 
>    consistency you like.

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