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Re: [IP] Re: forgetting to bolus


Thanks for the suggestion.  Joshua is already dreaming of riches!

Sally Wright

email @ redacted

  mark w saddler <email @ redacted> wrote:

My daughter, Katie, has the same problem. We've had the most success
with bribery! Yep, every time she boluses for her snack and lunch at
school, she gets a quarter! Each afternoon when she gets home from
school, I just check the pump's memory for boluses around the times she
usually has her snack and lunch, and out comes the cash--up to $0.50 a
day! She loves earning the extra money and I feel I'm instilling an
important life-long habit. It's not been perfect but she's starting to
remember more and more. P.S. Other parents here have given their child
a watch with an alarm to help them remember, too.
God Bless,
Debbie, Mom of Katie, 9, dx'd 9/97
MiniMed pumper since 8/2/99 (youngest pumper in Alaska...so far!)

"I would love to hear from other parents with kids his age. He is 8.
Our biggest problem is getting Josh to consistently remember to bolus.!
Any suggestions. We already write down the carb count for food he
carries to school and the
amount he needs to bolus. He still forgets sometimes! Thanks." Sally
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