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Re: [IP] Re:work and diabetes issue--please help!!

In a message dated 6/18/00 12:20:42 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< ho should I call, and what should I do? I thought of calling
 my endo to see if he can recommend a suitable lawyer in the area, or the
 ADA. Please help. BTW, I'm in the field in S. Carolina this week, and
 won't have access to email. If you can reply today, that's great.
 Otherwise, I'll respond to anything when I return next weekend.
 Thanks much,
 Maureen M.  >>

I for one would consult a lawyer. This is totally uncalled for! I would call 
ADA. They need to be put in their place. Do they have a Human Resources Dept? 
If they do make a formal complaint. Employers and Employees don't have a clue 
how we have to live and probably intimidated by us. So they have to lash out 
at us in other way. I've been there done that. I too had a supervisor that 
did not understand diabetes. She made it even harder on me, was not able to 
take breaks when needed, even went so far to schedule tasks when I had my 
doctors appointment, which I was not able to go - or was late and not able to 
see the Endo. I figure it this way what goes around comes around. Hang in 
there. Personally, I would fight. Some employers feel they can push us around 
and we'll given. DON'T. They need to be shown that if we take better care of 
ourselfs, that we're better off to serve them better.


God bless you!!!
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