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[IP] Re: doctors

I've been reading & learning from you all for the past three weeks that
I've been pumping. Thank you so much! I've been on insulin for 27 years and
for the past 18, my clinic has been a small family practice clinic that
trains residents. I have had absolutely terrific care. The residents are
young (ie, not set in their ways), their training is always up to date and
they are supervised by MDs and one spectacular CDE. I've found the
residents eager to learn from me and willing to get and listen to advice
from other medical professionals and diabetic sources. There is no sense of
cynism or "I'm the doctor, you're the patient, sit down & listen!" They've
seen me through numerous "normal" health problems like strep throat and
some obscure diabetic problems like developing an allergy to my animal
insulin and breaking out in HUGE hives. I've never been hospitalized in the
18 years I've been with them (or missed a day of work). My dad on the other
hand, type I for 40 years, has many specialists. ("One for each system in
my body," he says.) We recently discovered his 8 year old transplanted
kidney is putting protein in his urine because his urologist took him off
his ace inhibitor and no one, not even my dad, questioned it because he was
"The Doctor". To make a short story long, bigger is not always better and
neither are specialists. I've been getting grief about my pump from one of
my clients whose dad in an endo. He says it was a waste of money and not
proven to be any better than MDI. Thank goodness he'll be retiring soon. In
the past 3 weeks, I have gained back my energy & vitality. I didn't even
know how crappy I'd felt all these years! It's not easier than MDI, but the
results are so much better! Just wanted to add my voice to the discussion!

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