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[IP] Re: Do DMers need primary care docs?

Interesting that this came up now. I was just discussing this
very thing with our peds endo on Friday! He said there is not
only a shortage of endos (esp peds endos) but a lot of them (the
peds endos) won't see diabetic patients because it frustrates
them too much (had to laugh at that one!) I told him that I have
found that banging my head against the wall works wonders for the
frustration. :) He also said that last year at the ADA meeting,
he attended a business meeting with people who treat children. He
said they were worried about the small number of young people
(defined as under 40yo) going into the field of pediatric
diabetes and were trying to brainstorm ways to pay more to entice
the people to go into that field. 

Our peds endo only treats the diabetes and we see a pediatrician
for everything else. However, there have been many times where
I've asked him questions or asked for advice or suggestions at
the same time I send bg's (or even at our appts) rather than call
the peds clinic here on base, and he has helped me out a lot. 

Jan said:
In addition, there is a shortage of endos right now. If you're an
endo, you can pretty much write your own ticket and go anywhere
you want. They may be too busy taking care of endocrine disorders
to also be a primary care doc. 

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) 
"God teaches the birds to make nests, yet the nests of all birds
are not alike." Duwamish proverb
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