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[IP] new potatoes / steamed rice (was converted)

 < About now is when this year's growing-season's potatoes will
be coming available i.e. new potatoes. New potatoes aren't available all
year long because of the previous explanation.> Jan

That was how it was explained to me by the grocer. I thought new was a type 
like Idaho, red, white, etc. So any type of potato is new if it is first 
crop? He said that new potatoes would be coming soon but had not arrived yet. 
Looking at list right now and it has index for canned new potatoes, so I 
guess I could buy them canned off season.

 Book I just started reading (Glucose Revolution by Jennie Brand-Miller p. 
139) also says to cook with less water and shorter cooking time for potatoes, 

If it is best to undercook when boiling and less water, sounds like a steamer 
would be useful for rice and veggies (is there such a thing as steamed 
potatoes?) Has anyone noticed a difference in bg using a steamer? Thinking 
might be expensive and I have a bread machine I'm not even using because I 
can't seem to cut bread slices very well.

Thanks Ruth for the info on barley. Will try also. When I was teen I ate high 
fat foods, too. Used to eat very large servings of corned beef hash for a 
snack and wasn't estimating carbs then. Loaded with fat and starch and 
drenched with ketchup, too. But I was young and active then and seemed to get 
away with it (not anymore). I hope it's the same for your daughter.

Beth H.
Sorry so long and confusing. One question leads to another and another.....
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