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[IP] Re: internists and NoDelivery alarms

On the subject of Primary Care Physicians: 
I have been dragging my heals on getting a primary care doc since 
my new endo was merely surprised, not insistant, when he learned 
I considered him my "main" doctor. I define "main" by the fact that 
anything that has ever effected my body, and most of what has 
effected my mind, has shown up in my diabetes control, and 
sometimes there first. But, it is also a fact that medical schools 
are not teaching much in the way of general medicine except to 
those hardy souls electing to become general internists, and my 
new endo is in his mid-40s, and a researcher, so I don't know how 
much he learned, let alone how much he remembers. But I resent 
the whole requirement. I am used to being the ringleader of my 
bodily care and I don't know how easily I will relinquish this role.  

On the subject of "No Delivery" alarms:
I experience these sporadically, as well. Invariably they seem 
related to kinking of the tubing, particularly a problem when seated, 
and wearing tight jeans, or control-top pantyhose (and you know I'll 
never give those up!). As with phone cords, I try to uncurl the tube 
regularly, and try not to tuck it into tight spots.  


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