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Re: [IP] Re: Of interest to T1 parents

>It wasn't soy formula, so I guess he was exposed.
>Gee whiz, now we can't even feed our kids without putting them at risk!
>Well, Ashley has been on regular formula for 5 months now, first 3 I
>breastfed her, so it's too late now.
>mom to Nathan, 2, dx'd 5/99
>and Ashley, 8 months

I initiated the feedback on the cow's milk theory vs. breast feeding. 
I did this because cow's milk has been blamed for a lot of maladies, 
ranging from simple to serious.  In our experience, it DEFINITELY 
does not apply since Noah's sole exposure to milk was breast milk his 
first year of life.  The majority of you who have responded had the 
same dynamic.  So, I personally don't think they have proven that 
theory as yet.


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