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Re: [IP] Do DMers need primary care doctors?

For my first 34 years of diabetes in WA, I never ever saw a primary or an 
internist., I didn't even know they existed. My endo took care of 
everything.  Then I  moved to AZ and thought I was in a different world as 
far as medical care goes, and other things.  :-)

But seriously, it was a very stressful and nightmarish two years.  The 
endo's that I saw were incompetent and kept saying get a primary care 
physician and they were down right mean about it.  Primary care docs kept 
putting me down as Type II.  They  no near nothing as to how other sickness 
will impact our diabetes.  Ah, what part of being diabetic since age three 
and on insulin didn't they get?  Sorry, still thinking about what I went 
through makes me angry.  I wrote letters, I made a million phone calls, if 
fought and fought, well still am to a certain degree.

AZ being one of the leading states of HMO's, that's what I was stuck with 
and that's how things are, and unfortunately it's becoming that way in many 
areas.  I think it's a complete waste of time to go to two doctors for one 
disease.  It's a waste of my time the doctors time, and the insurance 
companies dollars.  I would have to make sure my labs got to whatever endo 
I was trying that month.  Then if you dare mention anything other than 
diabetes to the endo, oh try this drug, well my primary already has me on 
something or I would get, that is not my repsonsiblity check with your 
primary. I could go on for pages as to what I went through.

Finally I found an internist who does all the proper lab stuff, writes the 
scripts I need for diabetes supplies and I manage myself, with the help of 
a CDE, this list, and staying up on diabetes care.  I have not seen an endo 
in over a year now and don't plan on it.  Besides I've been black balled in 
the endo community for being so outspoken for the horrid care they provide 
to diabetics.  Like a 250 plus bs in am is fine and if you're testing your 
blood sugar 4 / day and the results our fine, then just test every other 
day.  I kid you not, this comes from  two of the supposedly top endo's here.

So, unfortunately for us things are changing.  Some endo's are changing 
with it while others are desperately trying to resist what insurance 
companies are trying to dictate.


>   During the 42 years that I have had IDDM, the only doctors checking my
>general health have been either internists or endocrinologists specializing
>in IDDM. They have given annual physicals and advised  how to handle a flu,
>etc. Recently, I went to a new endocrinologist who asked the name of my
>primary care doctor. Surprised, I answered that I expected him to play that
>role. DM is the only reason I see a doctor regularly, and the diabetologist
>can treat any problem that doesn't require specialized training in other
>fields. Right?

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