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Re: [IP] Brown Rice

you know ...I agree with this , holly.  for once in awhile .  you
know..when you get that I need a real healthy, high fiber,  doin' my body
good feeling.
but boy oh boy is it hard to sell to my 11 and 13 yr. old kids.!   they just
can't get rid of that babydom, goin' to the local chinese restaurant and
eating broccoli with garlic sauce and rice syndrome.  there is just
something about white, sticky, rice.

now...in my hippy dippy college age time...I would be rah - rah'ing this
brown rice.  there is actually a huge container of it wayyyyy back in my
pantry shelf.  just a waitin' for ya , holly!


> For bgs, brown (whole) rice is best.  Still has the fiber.

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