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[IP] converted rice /glycemic index , etc.

>Have read Uncle Ben's Converted is lower on
> the glycemic index than regular rice. What makes this rice different,

probably rinsed prior...ridding of starches...hence sugars....hence higher

> Have also noticed  better bgs with some % whole grain breads and oatmeal.

low glycemic again.  if you stick with  more whole grains, more fiber, you
will have more even Bgs.  plus...better for you.  weight loss perhaps.

geneva does really well if she sticks with me on weight watchers type
regimens.  of course, airheads and granola bars in between.  but...she eats
a more high fiber diet now since I am watching my 'points'.  I only buy
breads that are 3 grams of fiber per serving..  cook pasta and veggies ALOT
for dinner.  al dente of course.

she tends to spike when she eats capn' crunch cereal and does fine with

we are not eating as much rice as  we used to.  pasta is our new substitute.
potatoes once in a while.  (  new potatoes)

barley is another really great food for BGS.  I make barley salad when it is
hot outside  ( lately   106 here in CA).  with kidney beans and corn .
olive oil and rice vinegar.  and seasonings.
barley soup.  and lots of other veggie soups.  these help alot with BGS.

I can keep a handle on geneva's food intake only at breakfast/lunch/dinner.
otherwise  forget it.!   she is into the snack foods at friends and at home.
high fat....off the charts with glycemic index!

for what it's worth


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