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[IP] Joy of soy nuts / TJ's / tater's and converted rice

Hey ...I like potatoes. Thanks, Ruth and others, for explaining about the 
benefits of new potatoes (and basmati rice). I even stay up till 2 a.m. to 
ask questions about them :) Can't believe it was that late. 

Will be abused for this ("what was it converted to?"), but I forgot to ask 
last post about converted rice. Have read Uncle Ben's Converted is lower on 
the glycemic index than regular rice. What makes this rice different, how is 
the taste and how is it to prepare? It was more expensive than the generic 
rice so I'm curious. Rice is a toughy for me in terms of bg readings so if 
there's a better rice out there to eat...

Have also noticed  better bgs with some % whole grain breads and oatmeal. 

Soybeans are bg friendly to me, too. I also find wheat germ is really good 
sprinkled over whipped cream on yogurt or ice cream, and helps me beat the 
crunchies (wanting to eat a jar of peanuts in one sitting). 

Beth H.
Feeling low bg, so I better close before my heading gets any longer or I'm on 
the floor (not laughing).

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