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Re: [IP] Do DMers need primary care doctors?


My endo treats my endocrine problems. Period. He also monitors my lipids and 
other factors that DM is a risk factor for. I have a family practice doc as 
my primary care physician. He is also my "gatekeeper," who refers me to my 
specialists, as my insurance company requires. 

BTW, the local endo (who is a friend of mine) has told me he does not feel 
competent to treat sinuses, colds, flu, etc. -- just endocrine problems.

In addition, there is a shortage of endos right now. If you're an endo, you 
can pretty much write your own ticket and go anywhere you want. They may be 
too busy taking care of endocrine disorders to also be a primary care doc.

Jan (and Elvis)

In a message dated 6/17/00 10:11:57 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  Recently, I went to a new endocrinologist who asked the name of my
 primary care doctor. Surprised, I answered that I expected him to play that
 role. DM is the only reason I see a doctor regularly, and the diabetologist
 can treat any problem that doesn't require specialized training in other
 fields. Right?
     Wrong. He informed me that my experience is out of date. The standard of
 care has changed.  He treats ONLY DM. I must sign up with a primary care
 physician. This person conducts physicals and advises on matters not related
 to DM, such as infections, colds, etc.
     Is he correct? Should I sign up with another physician even though I am
 almost never sick? And shouldn't the diabetologist be involved in treating a
 diabetic's colds, infections? What are other pumpers doing? >>
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