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[IP] bgs/parents/experience (just speaking my mind)

Just reflecting--
 I thought last year (10th grade school year) was my
"hardest" year with D. I was crashing daily, spending
at least 30mins a day in the clinic, and basically
letting D run me. Then, in June I got my pump. Which,
since then has been its own continuing saga. Never
great, but always when things hit dead worse, I have
one good day (I guess that day is coming soon!). On
the pump, instead of what most people say of
preventing highs, I have soo many more. I never saw so
many 400s-HIs on ten years of shots than I have this
past year. But, I jinxed myself. For lows, I got the
pump and NEVEr went under 30. Which was a blessing
since in 10th grade I'd hit 20 daily. I SAID this out
loud, 2 weeks ago. Duh, that night, after dancing, I
hit 21!!!! Ok, I treated that, after all, I had been
53 and the 21 was after goodness knows how many tabs.
Well, last night, 28!! And guess what..I WOKE UP!
P{erosonally I'm scared as hell waking up so low, b/c
I never used to, and my room is right at the top of
the stairs and for food I go downstairs! 2x this week
this has happened, and I have woken up extremely
shaking and sweating (well, more so wed., when i was
48 than yesterday when I was 28, someohow I just woke
up last night). The BLESSING here, is that I NEVER
woke up with dnagerous lows on shots. I always slept
through them. Knock on wood I keep wkaing up. I'm just
saying, NOW, i feel all over the place, my range is
20-400 NOW, and on shots it was 30-500! Geez what a
change. Luckily, that's only the past couple of weeks,
I am still extremely happy with my pump, but I 'm
blaming everything on my age. Not worth getting
stressed over, but I've decided these past 2 years are
my worst with D. 
 Oh to the parents out there--what a surprise in what
we know and you don't. Last night my mom DID check on
me (40mins after I was 28) I should've said something
to her but iddn't realize...I was 95, she debated
feeding me..in the end she didn't (thank god, I
stuffed myself 40 mins earlier!) In the am, I woke up
at 74, so that WAS good. I'm just saying it's funny
how the lows involve others. Today my parents
wouuldn't let me drive to work (b/c I finally opened
my mouth about these really low lows I've been having
when I was the only one awake)--moreso, I haven't
written things down lately but they wouldn't (haven't)
notice anyway. I like it this way, but it does make me
wonder how much they actually worry. I think my mom
was upset I went so low b/c of how she was worryhing
about me when i finally did get up this am. And the
amusing hting, I'm out of town without them for a
whole month (thank God, I'm LOOKING forward to being
away from my family!) but i'm sure they're worried.
I'm hoping that the lows lately don't make them overly
worried. Personally, I'm not scraed, knowing that I
can finally wake up with lows, i think I'll be fine. 
 I'm just writing how I'm feeling, but I think in my
own case, my parents actually do worry about the D, I
don't realize it very often, but a lot of management
they don't know about b/c i do it on my own (hence why
it's a surprise when I explain things~)
 I hate to think I make them worry, but it's also bad
how only the really low lows get them involved. Now,
I'm trying to push to get supplies before I go away
(that's when the power of a parent is EXTREMELY
useful) I can already see it now, and personally I
belive this IS going to end up happening. I ordered
supplies really early so that I have stuff to take
with my next month when I go away, but no luck yet. I
can see having nothing to take and stretching things
out and hten my parents having to fed ex things to me
when Insurance sorts of everything out...it's all just
amusing. I mean it's stupid and pointless and should
never happen, but life is like that. I'm also anxious
for my a1c!  
 I think these experiences are just interesting but
also funny. My boss at work has a really ill diabetic
wife and geez it takes a huge toll on him, which is
sad to watch. (I know when she's in hospital just by
his mood at work). 
 Just wanted to share how I felt. I'm actually startin
gto see myself once again as a 'brittle diabetic' 
(one who needs a lot of basal/bolus testing!)

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