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Re: [IP] Question about insulin resistance/sensitivity

In a message dated 6/17/00 5:22:48 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  The last couple of days, though, I've started having lows again,

and I'm wondering if:

    a)  5 pounds of weight is enough to decrease my insulin requirements >>

For me, regular exercise will make me more insulin sensitive than during 
periods of less exercise, and cause me to need lower basals, as a general 
rule.  When doing something that requires different muscles, it may take a 
while before the full lowering is felt, probably because I am stressing 
muscles.  But there does seem to be a magic weight point, too, for me (it is 
at around 120 lbs; I am 5'4''):  even a couple pounds above that weight I 
seem to need a little more (and tend to be a bit more brittle), even if I am 
exercising.   A few pounds in either direction don't seem to matter between 
114 and 120 (don't know what would happen if I weighed less).  I suspect it 
relates to Type 2 tendencies in addition to my 45 years of Type 1. 

Linda Z    
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