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[IP] Re: Young children on pump

I have not  written before.  My husband, Rick introduced us.  Our 
son is 31/2 and was diagnosed at 24 months.  He has been 
wearing a dummy pump for almost 3 weeks while we waited for 
insurance to clear.  We will train mon. and Miles will be on line by 
the end of the day.  We are VERY excited. His A1C has gone up 
the last 3 times.  We needed to  do      something very different.  

THe best (and only)site for Miles is upper buttock.  He does not 
have fat anywhere else.  As long as we do not go out to far toward 
the hip , he has done GREAT with this site.  He is a VERY active 
child.  Never still.  We have found that      sewing a pocket made of 
an old t -shirt inside the back of his shirts with a velcro closure at 
the top has been perfect for him.  He can't play with it and neither 
will anyone else be able to.  He will start pre-school in the fall and 
we were concerned about that. No, it is not fun to do all that 
sewing, but it is an inexpensive way to keep the pump safe and in 
one place.  With all his jumping around it has never come out.  He 
has not complained about it being uncomfortable and he has not 
had a problem with it in the pocket when he sleeps.  

We are so proud of the way he has accepted it as part of him.  He 
is thrilled that ,"when the pump that beeps comes.... no more 

We did not use the emla cream.  We decided that he would 
eventually be having the site changed in places that would  not be 
condusive to using the cream and did not want him to become 
dependent on it.  We use the rapid infusion set.  It is one quick 
poke, and then it is over.  He does not complain  of any lingering 
pain.  We tell him it is done and he is up and running.  When he is 
older and bigger he may find the tender more comfortable, but  
there is just not enough of him for that right now.  We hope he will 
gain some wieght after he has been pumping awhile.  

THat is all for now.  I just wanted to share our experience (limited 
though it may be) with others who are considering the pump for 
their kids. We are using an H-Tron.  

Alicia, for Rick, ElenaClaire (11) and Miles (3) dx at 24mo.  

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