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[IP] a *Never* situation

Okay, this is *slightly* off topic, but gotta tell you'ns. Today they
imploded the Ball Band/Uniroyal complex in my town. This was called Boom-Ka
(opposite of Ka-Boom). The newsie said, "This is a Once In A Lifetime
Event - you'll never see anything like this again." Six charges were to go
off in sequence. The smokestack went first, some bricks flew and cut the
wiring to half of the power plant which was very well built in 1918.
Everything came down except the power plant. They said, "Well, we have to do
it over." I was wondering at the time how the newsie could guarantee that we
would never see something like that again. Oh, and the Titanic wouldn't
sink. (~_^)  Let's see, if I put YMMV will that make this *report*
acceptable? Okay, YMMV

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