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[IP] Question about insulin resistance/sensitivity

I started on a MM508 at the end of April.  I also started a more intensive
exercise program at the end of May, and at a different time, than I'd been
exercising before (before it was 20-30 min on an eliptical machine 3-4 days
a week after supper, now it's 45-50 min, 30 of it aerobic the rest weights
4-5 times a week).  I have been trying to lose weight for a long time, but
on MDI I was chasing so many lows so often that I wasn't doing too well
restricting my calories sufficiently.

Since starting the pump and getting my basals adjusted, my sugars have been
much more stable, with very few lows.  I'm using 1:10 ratio for breakfast
and supper, and 1:20 at lunch on exercise days (1:15 on non-exercising
days), which is also working well, with a total basal of 11.8 u in 24 hours.
After comforting myself for quite a while that 'muscle weighs more than fat,
so don't give up', I've finally started to drop some weight (possibly 5 lb
total).  The last couple of days, though, I've started having lows again,
and I'm wondering if:
    a)  5 pounds of weight is enough to decrease my insulin requirements
(you need so much per kilogram, etc.)
    b)  The exercise is having some effect on some insulin resistance I
didn't know I had, and making me use the insulin I take more efficiently?
    c)  I wasn't particularly insulin resistant before (how do they measure
this, anyway?) but the exercise is making me more insulin sensitive?
    d)  Some reason that hasn't occurred to me yet?

I know that I need to do more basal testing, etc., and get things
re-adjusted and I know how to do that.  I was just very surprised that his
happened so suddenly, and I'm just wondering what the possible explanations
are for it.  Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else?

Thanks for any insight you can offer.  I know MMMV, but I'd be interested in
what you all think.

Kathy, who is a computer geek and tends to think there is a reason for
_everything_ despite 34 years of diabetes.

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