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Re: [IP] Re: traumatized by site change

   Adding my "2 cents" from the perspective of a pump mom who still vividly 
recalls those initial months. Melissa's first site change ( at age 13) took 
the 2 of us 45 minutes to negotiate!!! We were so unnerved by the whole 
process.....Now she does it in less than a minute!
   Also, Melissa had 2 serious & 1 minor site infections within that first 
year, which is NOT typical. Had we listened to well-intentioned medical 
friends, she'd have stopped pumping. Instead we persevered, discovered she's 
a carrier for staph aureus bacteria & that by following good hygiene when 
doing site changes ( she cleans always with Hibiclens), she's not encountered 
another infection in over 3 years of pumping since the last one.
   As always, keep repeating "perspective". Where you are today & the 
difficulties you're facing as a new pumper, will only be pertinent 
historically in the future! Hang in there!

Regards, Renee ( pump mom to 17 1/2 yr old Melissa)
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