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[IP] Re: traumatized by site change

Been there, done that, and I promise it will get easier. During my first
few weeks on the pump I remember frantically making sure I was doing
everything correctly yet still having very sore sites, high bgs etc, and
being angry at the amount of expensive "equiptment" I was wasting. I've
found that certain areas of my body seem to let a set last longer than
others. I started with the regular sof sets but found they were to long
and so I switched to the sof set micro which has a shorter canula. Since
doing so, I've had fewer sore/infected sites. As far as infected sites
go, If they are red and lumpy I sometimes just rub some antibacterial
ointment on them and they've been ok. You may want to ask your doc or
pharmacist or better yet someone else on this list. I'm still a relative
newbie to this pump stuff but am certain I made the right choice and do
not want to return my prepump regimen. I love my pump!!!

age 37, dxd 1981, pump 1/00

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