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Re: [IP] traumatized by site change

Kristina Lemke wrote:

The old site has this hard knot and is red a little warm.  So was that the
problem?  The insulin wasn't being absorbed?  And why does this happen?  Do
some people need to change sites more often than three days?  Is any
soreness immediate cause for a site change?



It sounds like you have an infected site.  You need to have a doctor look at
it ASAP.  I just started pumping recently and this happened to me on a
Friday (these things always happen when the Dr isn't going to be
available) -- I called my dr and she worked me in, looked at it, and gave me
antibiotics to take if it didn't respond to neosporin over the weekend.  And
mine wasn't hard and warm, just unusually sore and red-looking hours after
I'd changed the site.

If it had been a Sat, I would have gone to one of the urgent care centers we
have around here, or at least called whoever was on-call at the Drs.

The reason this is a big deal is that infected sites, if not treated
quickly, can leave behind largish areas (depending on how far the infection
spreads) of scar tissue that are thereafter bad for absorbtion and have to
be avoided.  This isn't something that will necessarily happen after a
certain number of days.  If it helps, my CDE gave me a rule of thumb that if
you are over 240, no ketones, and a correction bolus doesn't bring you down
or start you down by 2 hours later (that is, you're still  over 240), change
the site.  If there are unexplained ketones and/or you keep climbing, take a
shot with a regular syringe and then change the site.  She also says that
any kind of pain at a site is a good sign it needs to be changed -- it
shouldn't hurt once it's in and settled.  Of course, YMMV.

This isn't a normal part of pumping, though, and the site changes will get

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen

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