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[IP] traumatized by site change

I've been on the MM 507C for 5 days now.  I did two site changes (sofsets) 
with the nurse and did fine.  My second site was a little tender around the 
edges but I didn't think it was bad enough to mention.  I was scheduled to 
do the next site change on my own tomorrow (Saturday).  I noticed the site 
getting more sore, but wanted to tough it out till Saturday.  Then my blood 
sugar hit 310 this afternoon and didn't respond to my correction bolus.  I 
finally decided to change the site, but Everything went wrong and I went 
through three infusion sets before I got it right.  There was tubing 
everywhere and I was opening things with my teeth while trying to hold the 
inserted set in!  I guess it didn't help that my first solo insertion was 
under the pressure of a 310 bg.

The old site has this hard knot and is red a little warm.  So was that the 
problem?  The insulin wasn't being absorbed?  And why does this happen?  Do 
some people need to change sites more often than three days?  Is any 
soreness immediate cause for a site change?

I've read posts about bad sites here on the list and wondered what that 
meant - now I know!  I'm tempted to try the Sils after reading so many 
positive things about them from you guys.  I had a lot of trouble loading 
the sofserter - and being visually impaired I'm not sure it's the way to go 
for me.

It took me a while to recover from the whole SNAFU, but my nerves and my 
bg's are coming down now.

Thanks for being there!

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