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Re: [IP] joy of soy nuts / GI index & trader joe's

hi beth...up late tonight?  2 am in NY?

> Never heard of Trader Joe's. Is it in the west only?

almost...they are test marketing in the east but in obscure locations.  my
best friend lives in rockport , mass...and they have one there.  they have a
website...traderjoes.com most likely.  I will check after writing this.

     > I had to go back and check, but thought you had posted about the
> index. Have you tried the basmati rice?

 well it is NOT like sticky rice at all...we love that.  but, boy does it
wreak havoc w/ geneva's BGS!   that is why chinese restaurants are a
nightmare for pumpers.  don't know how to deal with the high fat and rice.
(the secret is that the chinese cook differently for us/we fat americans
thank for THEIR people)  basmati is a very fragrant,  light rice that one
can get at any health food store or gourmet store  and in CA at safeway.
(regular store)   you might just try a grocery store with a large ethnic

>How is it and where do you find it?

> Thanks for the info. Will try cooking  our pasta a little underdone next
> time.

it is sooooo much better.  it is like you would get in italy.  this mushy
slop that is served in cafeterias and in some restaurants is for the birds.

>Also... I asked someone in produce if they had new potatoes and he said
> he hadn't heard of new potatoes, but that they called the "younger"

funny!  new potatoes are the little, red ones.  they are the first potatoes
to appear in spring season.  the big, brown ones come out late in the summer
after the starch has turned to sugar  (hence high BGS!) and they are stored
all fall and winter.

you can also get new, white potatoes now.  any small potato that is cheap
this month....are new.  they are the first crop.  less time in ground...less

 now...about those summer basals...


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