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[IP] roller coasters

Brooke asked       
>       Just curious as to any experience ones had going to 
> asmusement parks.  Slightly worried about if my pump (
> and myself) can stand the Millenium  Force. ANy one know 

Anything YOU can handle the pump can handle.  I have done every ride at Six 
Flags Astroworld, Knotts Berry Farm, Disney World, Disney land, Universal 
Studios AND the NYC yellow cab and the pump has survived better than me in 
some cases

IF, you hve bleeding in your eyes or have recently had laser, you will want 
to avoid this...but since they are the whole reason to GO to a park such as 
Cedar Point, i would suggest post poning the trip rather than avoidin ght 
roller coaster

upside down,,,backwards, loop the loops, corkscrews, and MAN those hairpin 
turns in the cabs...even dropped from extreme heights like the TOWER OF 
TERROR at Knotts Berry Farm...my pump has done it all...and that doesn't even 
include the rafting, sea-dooing, roller blading and FROLICKING that I subject 
it to.  It takes a licking and keeps on clicking.

I suggest putting it IN your pocket, not just clipping it to your belt...why 
take the chance that it flies off at mach 3!!!.

Remember the adrenaline rush may or may not have an affect, as maybe will all 
the walking, hot sun and junk food injesting...just test a lot and have fun!

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