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Re: [IP] solution for skyrocket in the morning

Jeanie wrote:

>>Try a fasting bg check and test before rising then every hour after until
noon.  I have a spike when rising, regardless of whether I eat something or
not.  I cover that spike with a bolus when I get up.  No adjusting of carb
ratio ever worked for me.<<

Jeanie, how much do you bolus when getting up?  I've hesitated to change
basals for this, since my spike happens about an hour after I get up
regardless of the time so changing basals requires that I get up at the same
time everyday.  Doesn't allow me to sleep in.  I'm interested in a solution
other than bolusing high for the meal, which sometimes does cause a lower bg
after (which I've corrected by lowering basals after the meal.  Can you give
more detail on how this works for you?  Thanks much, greatly appreciated.


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