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Re: [IP] Ready to give up!


I haven't gone through what you are facing, but I do have depression that
was untreated for a long time, and I do know that it makes _everything_ hard
to care about.  I also know that life changes cause stress and stress tends
to bring on/make worse the bouts of depression.

You need to convince whatever doctor you're going to that the depression is
a _symptom_.  Your doctor's response makes me think s/he might have thought
that you were worrying that the depression was post-partum rather than
asking for help with the depression itself.  If the doctor doesn't take you
seriously, then it's time to look for a different doctor, at least for this
part of your life.

I had to try different medications before I found the right one to correct
the problems with my brain chemistry.  If the first kind you try doesn't
help, tell the doctor and they have a lot of different options.  I still
have bad days, and going to a counselor helped me deal with some stuff that
I couldn't care enough about to deal with as long as I was in untreated
depression.  It is possible that a new baby, in addition to all the stress
that switching from little-sleep-from-pregnancy to
little-sleep-because-the-baby-needs-you, is bringing back some of the bad
feelings you experienced in the first grief over your child's passing.  It
might help to talk this out with someone -- I know my counselor is less
involved with my problems than friends and family and was able to give me
more helpful suggestions.

Please take what's helpful and ignore the rest.  Let us know how you are
doing -- we are interested and different ones of us have been in similar
situations.  Feel free to e-mail me directly if you want.

Take Care


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