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[IP] one touch profile

Hello, I want to thank whomever the list member was that gave the Profile
One Touch free meter email address.  I got mine to day, and I love it!  I
have, sitting on my kitchen table, my old One Touch Basic, and that thing is
ancient!  I use a DEX now, and love it, but now I love this new profile too!
IT was 2 numbers off from my DEX, it said 190 and dex was 192.  A bit high,
but had stressful day at work.
Anyway, now I have a question:  Does anyone have access to the cable and
software that they sell to download this meter?  I don't think I should have
to pay the $59 for it since I already have it for my Dex, but the two are
not compatible.  Just because I am a business owner, doesn't mean I am not a
tightwad too!  *vbg*    If anyone would like to sell their software and or
cable, for less than the $59, please notify  me privately off list.  Or on
if everyone can get it free somewhere.
I like the fact I can input my insulin usage and CHO's taken too, its great!
Thank you again to whoever sent that original email!
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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