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Re: [IP] curious about D theories/vaccines

Amy Martin <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  I've heard all the theories about cow's milk and even
> vaccines (although I've heard of chicken pox NOT the
> vaccine being the trigger)---well, this disputes
> it...I am an identical twin,

<< etc. >>

Something that bears saying (or perhaps repeating) is that all of these studies indicate that the researchers found an **association** between these factors and DM.  That is a statistical term indicating that when the data are analyzed, there is some relationship between the occurrence of those events and factors.  There is nothing in the rather technical meaning to say *what* that relationship is.  In no case has any claim been made that any of these factors has a **causal** relationship.

OTOH, pointing out that one is an exception in no way negates the finding of an association.  Again, association means that there is a measurable probability that the relationship is not random.  It does not mean that one always leads to other.  IOW it is not A -> B.

Jim Handsfield
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