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Re: [IP] Mixing & Humolog to Vor R ratios

Great point Michael!

I find that with Velosulin alone I can get 6 -10 days out of a site.
(unless I get a rubbing one or those type of things)
With Humalog alone I can get 1-3 days out of a site.
With the mixture I can get 2 -8 days, with the vast majority of them being
3-6 days.

Michael wrote:

> > Can someone give me the numbers of humalog to velosulin? I use 315
> > U. catridges and want to make a V/H cartride and need to know
> > numbers for a ratio that will help my set problems but still work
> > quickly. Like Amy, I have math difficulties:)
> >
> For those of you intent on testing the H/V mixing scheme. It probably
> would be better to verify that not having H in your system actually
> helps. If you try a week or two with just V (or R) you can find this
> out definitively. Either you get improvments or you don't. If you
> don't, the don't waste time mixing. Yes, it is a pain to deal with
> the delayed onset of a regular insulin, but it will allow you to know
> pretty much for sure whether or not you have a Humalog sensitivity.
> If you do not, the mixing is a waste of time. If you do have a
> sensitivity and can demonstrate that it goes away when Humalog is
> eliminated then you have something concrete that you can tell you
> medical team that will be believed because the experiment is well
> controlled. Not only will that help you since they won't think you
> are just a nut case that wants to experiment with "something they've
> never heard of" , but it will also help everyone that follows in your
> footsteps with that doc.
> To adjust for the difference in timing between regular insulin and
> Humalog, set the time "forward" on the pump by one hour during the
> regular trial. This offset will compensate for the difference in
> onset of the peak between H and V(or R) for the duration of the
> trial. Don't forget to set it back when you switch to the mix or back
> to H.
> from my previous post:
> -------------------------------------
> Our experience has been that basals change very little when moving
> from straight H to straight V. All that changes is the timing. We can
> get around this temporarily by moving the time on the pump to one hour
> later when switching from H to V and visa versa, thus effectively
> starting the basal an hour earlier.
> H -> V
> 9am -> 10am
> This is only an approximation, but for "average" people should be
> pretty good. It assumes that response to the insulin pretty much
> matches the "curves" provided in the package insert. i.e. 2 hour peak
> for H and 4 hour peak for R
> -------------------------------------
> mixes
> 5 parts H / 1 V => 250 / 50
> 4 parts H / 1 V => 240 / 60
> 3 parts H / 1 V => 225 / 75
> 2 parts H / 1 V => 200 / 100
> for best mixing, draw the SMALL amount first, carefully de-bubble,
> then draw the larger amount slowly so not to introduce any bubbles.
> You do not want to allow any of the mix back into the "clean" bottle.
> Michael
> email @ redacted
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml