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Re: [IP] Ready to give up!

In a message dated 6/16/00 10:52:17 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My child is 2 months old and the last time this happened (has happened 
 time) I wasn't pregnant nor after haveing a baby.
     Doc says that it is not post partum!  I talked to him 3 days ago !
 Amie >>

Whether it is post-partum or not, it IS DEPRESSION.  If you doc isn't paying 
attention when you tell him you need help, get yourself to a new one pronto.  
Depression is definately treatable and your new little one needs you, as you 
know all too well.  Sleep deprevation too???   Mine was adopted, but didn't 
sleep thru the night for first 3 yrs.

What you need is a great big hug and someone to talk, and maybe even some 
meds.  Making it thru a pregnancy is a major accomplishment and you should be 
proud that you've done so well.  There's probably grieving going on from the 
other baby too.

Cut yourself some slack about testing and keeping as tight of control, but 
don't completely ignore the DM either, it won't go away and you'll feel much 

Two years ago my house burned down, and it was a major trauma/disruption in 
my life.  My control was put on the back burner and my A1c went up, 8.7 I 
think, but I kept my pump on as I ate the cake and ice cream and bagels, and 
at least it wasn't as bad as shots used to be with A1c's in the 10 - 14's.

Wish I could come thru the computer and give you a giant hug.

Best wishes,
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