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[IP] curious about D theories/vaccines

 I've heard all the theories about cow's milk and even
vaccines (although I've heard of chicken pox NOT the
vaccine being the trigger)---well, this disputes
it...I am an identical twin, SAME environment, at the
age I was diagnosed, my mom was doing EVERYTHING hte
same for us---food, meals, clothes, all that. We
always had our vaccines on the same days--the one
difference was our kindergarten class, so I think the
theory it was triggered by a virus IS viable. But as
for vaccines, maybe it put me ni a predisposition, but
was not enough of a trigger alone. IE, my twin DOES
have the gene but not the disease, if you understand
what I'm saying..
 about vaccines---I'd rather not mess with them;-)
I've heard of bad effects of the Hep B vaccine hence
why I hadn't gotten it, but this summer I am getting
it b/c colleges require it---No doc in the past years
has ever mentioned getting the shot, but seniors, ie
are saying it is required..I know defintely for med.
majors, but some undergrads are required too just to
protect themselves...boy I'm really going to have a
sore arm this summer:-)

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