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[IP] re: velosulin ratios...

 I thought this was all simple but now it's starting
to sound confusing. Someone said you don't need an rx
for Velosulin--good, but by doing it like that
insurance will NOT cover it. (my parents are
cheap:-)As for ratios....ok, last time I did 60uR
240uH, BUT chnaged my site this afternoon---and this
was a big nono, I had 160 units left and added some
humalog (then the bottle became all white bubbles so I
got rid of the bottle) and topped up my reservoir with
H--extremely INaccurate--that's just me. First off,
can I fairly assume of the 160 units I had left it was
proportinoately H and R, or does it relaly matter? I
think I added another 40 units of R today...just
reused the resrevoir, trying to get a quick change--I
am thinking I really need to rework bsaals before
touching R at all, whether mixing or pure, I'm having
way too many highs, including non-explained 400s which
can't be blamed on food or chos at all.
 Oh, and I saw my doc 2 weeks ago, I"m really getting
anxious for my a1c! I thought it would've been here
last Monday! 

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