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Re: [IP] Mixing & Humolog to Vor R ratios

> To adjust for the difference in timing between regular insulin and
> Humalog, set the time "forward" on the pump by one hour during the
> regular trial.
> Won't changing the time change when the basal kicks in?

Yes, that is the whole point. Otherwise you would have to change the 
start time of each basal rate by one hour. Since it is temporary, 
it's easier to simply change the clock time until the trial is over. 
Then you don't have to mess with all the basal rates and they will 
be the same when you put back the Humalog or a mix. If you only have 
a couple of basal rates then it would be no big deal to change each 
of them, but some people have 6 to 10 of them and it is a lot easier 
to just temporarily change the clock time on the pump.

The choice when switching from H to V would be to set ALL basal rates 
to start an hour earlier, or fudge it and simply set the clock time 
on the pump one hour later than the real time.

Is that clear (as mud?? :-)

As always, YMMV and check with your medical team.

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