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Re: [IP] velosulin ratios

> amy,
> for geneva we do the following to fill syringe/cartridge with total
> of 180 units.
> 1:5 ratio
> 30 units Velosulin
> 150 units Humalog

Be careful about the language here. That is actually a "ratio" of 
1:6, since there are a total of 6 parts ( 1x 30 and 5x 30) so there 
is a "ratio" of 1 Velosulin to the total of 6 parts.

this gets confusing for some people so it is safer to simply say a 
mixture of 5 parts of H and 1 part of V or a 
5:1 mix of H/V

I don't mean to lecture, but I have seen this lead to quite a bit of 
confusion in prior threads.

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