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[IP] not post partum

>     Doc says that it is not post partum!  I talked to him 3 days ago !
> Amie
> - ----------------------------------------------------------

What kind of doc are you seeing -- an OB/GYN, endo, pcp, gp? Sounds like you
need a different kind of specialist. Look around you and see if others are
in your state of mind. This isn't normal and there has to be some help for
you. Years ago before there was such a thing as post partum depression, I
cried the 8 months I was pg for my second one (10 mos. 14 days apart in
age), then cried in the hospital because he was dying (lived, though). My DM
doc came in and royally bawled me out and told me to straighten up. So, of
course I straightened up. Yeah, right!!! I bawled harder. He left the room
and came back later to apologize not knowing the baby's condition. Doctors
are *practicing* - some day they'll get it right. Ask Andy. <vbg> You do
need to see someone else. Best wishes.
Jan (http://maxpages.com/bludasue)

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