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RE: [IP] Roller Coasters - the big metal or wood ones

Title: RE: [IP] Roller Coasters - the big metal or wood ones

I have taken many trips to amusement parks...heres what I do:
I wear one of those "fanny packs" that clip around my waist.  In it I put my pump which I wrap in a ziplock bag (smaller than the waterproof minimed has) and my meter.

I have done this for years and have been on evey water and upside down twirling, falling roller coaster you can imagine. Never had a problem with magnetic fields. I just make sure that when I am secured into the ride that I pull the pack above the seat belt so it doesn't get squished.

On the water rides I pull my t-shirt over the pack for added protection.
Hope I have been helpful.
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Subject: [IP] Roller Coasters - the big metal or wood ones

     Hi all,
     Just curious as to any experience ones had going to asmusement
     Husband and I are heading to Cedar Point over the 4th of July
     Slightly worried about if my pump (and myself) can stand the
     Force. ANy one know what extremes the pump can handle? Any rides to

     avoid? ALways see signs, don't ride if you have a pacemaker... etc.

     Magnetic fields may come into play there, especially on those big
     type rides. (don't like those anyway) I have a minimed 507C.
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