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[IP] Never Ready to give up!

On Fri, 16 Jun email @ redacted wrote

>Has anyone ever had to be on such a tight control that after the whole thing
>was over (haveing a baby) that they have felt like just giving up. I keep my
>pump on and going but testing is out and i'm liberal with my boluses.

>I will talk any sugestions on how i can get out of this slump.

I don't know much about having babies (although with that offer of 2 million 
lbs from england still live I'm interested if anyone can offer me advice) but 
I do know a little about very tight control and how to keep oneself 'psyched' 
when it's done.

I started pumping 20 years ago when I was partially blind in both eyes (vision 
for a couple of hours in one eye or other and all kinds of spots even when 
could see).  I kept my sugars between 80 and 110 for six months (post meals 
below 130) and after six months eye doctor told me he couldn't tell I ever had 
the bleeding!

I was in college at the time living with my brother and a freind.  I kept up 
the routine as habit more than anything else.

There are many times I just don't 'feel like it' but know that I must and just 
do it 'automatically'.  I certainly need to take more blood tests then I do 
(no matter how many I take according to my wife) but one MUST just do what one 
MUST and not really think about it.

How often do most of us think about breathing??  But we keep doing it.  Gotta 
be similar in this pumping and testing stuff I think in order for everything 
to really work.

If I can be of any help please let me know.  By the way: don't let the baby 
onto the computer until at least the spit up reflex is fixed.  It REALLY can 
mess up a keyboard (I know from experience).


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