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Re: [IP] Type 1.5??


>I still sometimes feel like I'm not a "real" diabetic because I don't
>get BGs in the 400's or go into DKA.

I went into DKA twice, with sugars above 600. I had to be incredibly sick to
go that high. For me, I know 200 means a set blew (and I feel wretched at
200), 250 is very high, 300 is outrageous, 400-500 means I am sick or ate a
bag of lemonheads while I was on oral agents:)

>Like you, I just couldn't get good control on oral meds -- I lasted 5
>months before I couldn't stand it any more.

I lasted 16 years on Micronase/Glucotrol/Amaryl and Glucophage combos
becuase I didn't know any better and they thought I was producing enough to
compensate and enough hypos to make my A1C's in the 6-7's. Onlt the new endo
in NC believed I wasn't a clear-cut Type 2 and deserved insulin to control
myself better. Now I at least can be justified to my insurance company. They
hated giving me a pump b/c of the MODY Type 2 on the diagnosis:)

>And I understand the feelings of relief to know the condition is real
>and not all in your head <snip>  You can be thin and still have MODY.

Exactly, I've always been slender and athletic and still wound up with a
form of diabetes I was ashamed of admitting I had.("I'm too young and tiny
to be a type 2" was my excuse) It was so relatively rare (and mistreated)
that I felt like a "freak diabetic". But Type 2 (and MODY) is just as
serious, I've seen what it can do. Being called Type 1.5 makes me feel a
little more secure with my diagniosis and condition. I'm not ashamed anymore
becuase I know it's not just my cells rejecting insulin, I simply don't make
enough to do the job right or process my own insulin correctly:) I also
don't feel guilty of depriving a Type 2 of a pump or being a Type 2 on a
pump now. The guilt made me feel worse and aviod support groups b/c as a
MODY, I felt I was unworthy of a pump and that the Type 1's would resent me
and feel it was unnecessary for me to have one. (Of course the Type 1's
here, showed me differently and I love them for it:)

Thanks Natalie, I'm glad I'm not alone:)


Randi "Pixie" Bruner
#9603-040   Bete SA
"Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs
should relax and  get used to the idea." -Robert A. Heinlein

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