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Re: [IP] T-1 & T-2 with diff. names

JHughey wrote:
> And I am curious, if Natalie were to be the chosen one to give those names,
> WHAT would they be?? And where would *weird* fit in? lol

Type 1 would be Autoimmune Insulinopenia -- which means scarcity of
insulin. Type 2 would be Hyperglycemic Insulin Resistance. MODY and
gestational would remain the same. Other causes would refer back to the
cause -- if you lost your pancreas from disease or accident, it would be
Acquired Insulinopenia, for example! 

This is obviously a verbal shorthand for recognizing what the major
disorder of each is. 

And "weird" doesn't fit it anywhere -- mostly because it's never been
determined exactly what's happening in my body. Doc has only clinical
features to go on, and they're ambiguous. (Doc puts me down as Type 1,
probably because I get better insurance coverage that way -- but I'm NOT
Type 1!!) 
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