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Re: [IP] Type 1.5??

Pixie wrote:
> when I first got my
> pump in February, I felt guilty b/c I was a diagnosed type 2 (MODY tho, my
> mom was identicval but did not take insulin, oral agents and was (grrrr,
> hate this term), non-compliant until her death at age 46). I think my
> pancreas finally just got tired of working so hard to compensate and is
> finally slacking off.
>     All this time, I felt bad and weak for needing insulin and wanting a
> pump, I thought it was if I really didn't deserve one or need one b/c I was
> a just a T2, despite my out of control sugars before getting it. Now I feel
> not as weak and babysish becuase I really know now I have a medical
> necessity for insulin. I wasn't overreacting or simply wanting to poke
> myself with syringes all the time b/c it made me feel "more diabetic"

Hi, Pixie,

I sure do understand your feelings because I've had a lot of the same

I still sometimes feel like I'm not a "real" diabetic because I don't
get BGs in the 400's or go into DKA. 

Like you, I just couldn't get good control on oral meds -- I lasted 5
months before I couldn't stand it any more. 

And I understand the feelings of relief to know the condition is real
and not all in your head. Thank heaven for BG meters -- they're one way
of proving it's not all in your imagination!  :)

Incidentally, although it's classified as Type 2, MODY is NOT the same
as adult-onset, obesity-related Type 2. It is a genuine failure of the
beta cells to secrete insulin appropriately. The beta cells may still be
alive, but they don't respond to glucose appropriately because of a
missing enzyme. This has nothing to do with insulin-resistance, which is
another problem entirely.

People with MODY should be spared the guilt trip that is so often laid
on Type 2's (but then, Type 2's should be spared the guilt trip too!!),
because it's totally genetic and NOT your fault! You can be thin and
still have MODY.  

My personal goal is ALSO to lose the guilt trip -- my diabetes doesn't
seem to have much to do with ANYTHING -- it's just along for the ride!


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