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Re: [IP] Ready to give up!

>     Has anyone ever had to be on such a tight control that after the
>     whole 
> thing was over (haveing a baby) that they have felt like just giving
> up.  I keep my pump on and going but testing is out and i'm liberal
> with my boluses. 
>   I know that this is bad but it is too much at the moment.  At
>   least the 
> pump is giving me some insulin.  This happened after my first child
> pasted away and i was on shot and had no insulin for a month. (Not a
> good idea to do)
>     I will talk any sugestions on how i can get out of this slump.

Sounds like a case of classic post-partem depression. If it's really 
bad, talk to your doc about it. If you can muddle through it should 
be over in a few weeks. It is strictly a hormonal thing and balance 
should return to your life as your body adjust to not being pregnant.
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