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Re: [IP] hi bg saga

> I would have read the chart, but I went 
> through the drive window and was in
> a hurry.  I just guessed at 3 units, 
> I am at a ratio of 1:15 so thought for
> starters it would work. Later I ended 
> up blousing 3 more, then 2 more, and
> was in range for a short time.  
A McFlurry is between 82 and 90 grams of carb. (5-6 
units for your carb ratio).

> so I learned, for a McFlurry I will take 6 units.
Good estimate on your part :)

Butterfinger   90g
M&M            90g
Nestle Crunch  89g
Oreo           82g

Almost all fast food joints have handy travel sized 
nutrition guidelines that you can fit in a purse, 
briefcase, satchel, or backpack.

Looking in my (some may say over stocked) backpack 
right now I've got guides for:

Burger King
Jack in the Box
Taco Bell
and an UGLY (but useful) orange colored quick 
refference guide for the most common things at about 3 
or 4 dozen places.

Ask the kid behind the counter for "A nutritional 
breakdown guide".  (S)he'll stare at you blankly 
('cause they don't train people to do anything but push 
the pictures on the order screen) then run off to ask 
their manager who'll grouchily throw a half dozen of 
them at you.  Welcome to fast food.

Be ready to be afraid though... There's more fat in ONE 
Bacon Arch Deluxe than I typically get in an entire 
DAY.  Can you hear the arteries clogging?

-Sara OP (OverPacked)

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