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[IP] Mixing & Humolog to Vor R ratios

> Can someone give me the numbers of humalog to velosulin? I use 315
> U. catridges and want to make a V/H cartride and need to know
> numbers for a ratio that will help my set problems but still work
> quickly. Like Amy, I have math difficulties:)

For those of you intent on testing the H/V mixing scheme. It probably 
would be better to verify that not having H in your system actually 
helps. If you try a week or two with just V (or R) you can find this 
out definitively. Either you get improvments or you don't. If you 
don't, the don't waste time mixing. Yes, it is a pain to deal with 
the delayed onset of a regular insulin, but it will allow you to know 
pretty much for sure whether or not you have a Humalog sensitivity. 
If you do not, the mixing is a waste of time. If you do have a 
sensitivity and can demonstrate that it goes away when Humalog is 
eliminated then you have something concrete that you can tell you 
medical team that will be believed because the experiment is well 
controlled. Not only will that help you since they won't think you 
are just a nut case that wants to experiment with "something they've 
never heard of" , but it will also help everyone that follows in your 
footsteps with that doc.

To adjust for the difference in timing between regular insulin and 
Humalog, set the time "forward" on the pump by one hour during the 
regular trial. This offset will compensate for the difference in 
onset of the peak between H and V(or R) for the duration of the 
trial. Don't forget to set it back when you switch to the mix or back 
to H.

from my previous post:
Our experience has been that basals change very little when moving
from straight H to straight V. All that changes is the timing. We can
get around this temporarily by moving the time on the pump to one hour
later when switching from H to V and visa versa, thus effectively
starting the basal an hour earlier.

H -> V
9am -> 10am

This is only an approximation, but for "average" people should be
pretty good. It assumes that response to the insulin pretty much
matches the "curves" provided in the package insert. i.e. 2 hour peak
for H and 4 hour peak for R

5 parts H / 1 V => 250 / 50
4 parts H / 1 V => 240 / 60
3 parts H / 1 V => 225 / 75
2 parts H / 1 V => 200 / 100

for best mixing, draw the SMALL amount first, carefully de-bubble, 
then draw the larger amount slowly so not to introduce any bubbles. 
You do not want to allow any of the mix back into the "clean" bottle.


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