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Re: [IP] re: school's out/ basal changes

> >
> >    Anyhow, anyone can answer this--I did mix regular
> > in my pump a few days back (personally I've seen 0000
> > benefits, although my set has NOT hurt! but it is a
> > rapid not a micro). The pump bump I end uop with
> > should be interesting. As I see it, I cannot test
> > basals with R in my pump b/c that would screw up my
> > results, RIGHT?

Our experience has been that basals change very little when moving 
from straight H to straight V. All that changes is the timing. 
We can get around this temporarily by moving the time on the pump to 
one hour later when switching from H to V and visa versa, thus 
effectively starting the basal an hour earlier.

H -> V
9am -> 10am

This is only an approximation, but for "average" people should be 
pretty good. It assumes that response to the insulin pretty much 
matches the "curves" provided in the package insert. i.e. 2 hour peak 
for H and 4 hour peak for R


> I was planning on mixing 1:15, and
> > then realized I suck at math...240U of H and 60U of
> > R..oops!:-)
Thats 4 parts H and 1 part R
the mix we use is 
250 H and 50 V
or 5 parts H and 1 part V

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