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[IP] MiniMed --ordering

 I did order a week ago, supplies. Nice timely service
they called Monday were just waiting for my endo to
fax them back adn then they owuld ship my supplies.
Well, I thought I would decresae my order so that I
can order some rapids in addition--I call, first off
the girl who had been handling it was off, no biggy,
so I talk to someone else..who finally pulls my name
up..nope, heard nothing from the doc....big whoop! Do
they not follow up? She suggested Ic all my endo but
supposedly they're great insurance reps don't keep
following up..talk about crap! When I ordered last
week I specifically ASKED If I needed to do anything
and the lady SAID they would take  care of all of it.
 I'm leaving it alone till Tuesday adn then letting my
mom call. I can't order my Rapids until the MM order
has been processed, I purposedly ordered early b/c I
always have probs when MM fills an order (THEY HAVE
SPELL IT OUT BACK TO ME!). The good thing was I could
change my order since it won't be shipped till they
hear from my doc (who knows how long that will be) but
I just thought they were supposed to follow up more
than put it in the computer nad leave it! GEez! Right
now I'm not in a major rush, but in 3 weeks I am gone
for a month and had better have a PERFECT order from
MiniMed without ANY mistakes!

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